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EMV Debit Cards

Greater Security for Everyday Transactions

EMV debit cards from Peoples Trust and Savings Bank provide an extra layer of security to every purchase you make with your card.  Instead of swiping your debit card, EMV cards (also called "chip cards") use a process called "dipping" to transfer transaction information. 

What makes EMV Cards Safer?

The debit card you've used for years has a magnetic strip on the back of it.  This strip contains all of the financial information linked to your checking account.  This data never changes, meaning that if someone somehow got this information, they could make purchases without needing your card.  This is what happens when breaches at major stores occur, and it is why debit cards are replaced after such incidents.

On the other hand, EMV cards have a chip in them that creates a specific string of data for each transaction.  Once that code has been used, it cannot be reused or duplicated.  That is what makes EMV cards more secure.

How to Use Your EMV Debit Card

  1. Insert your card into a chip-friendly reader (if available, some retailers may not have a chip-friendly reader in place yet).
  2. Approve the amount; during this time, the unique transaction code will be created.
  3. Follow the prompt to either sign or enter your PIN.
  4. When prompted, remove your EMV card from the slot.
  5. Celebrate knowing you made a secure transaction!

If you have any questions regarding EMV debit cards, please contact Peoples Trust and Savings Bank.