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Serving Riverside since 1928.

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!Scam Alert!

Home !Scam Alert!

ATM Skimming Device Scam

Lately, there have been reports of ATMs in the local area with skimming devices affixed to them.  We want to assure all Peoples Trust and Savings Bank customers that our ATM has been inspected and is SAFE to use at our location.

If you see any suspicious device on any ATM card port, please contact us immediately at 319-648-2221

Phone Call Card Scam

Some of our customers are receiving phone calls stating that their debit or credit card has been blocked, canceled, or compromised; or that their rate has been changed.  They are then instructed to “press 1” and enter their full 16-digit account number for further assistance.


Should you receive this phone call, please just hang up!  Never give your card number, personal information, or account information to an unknown caller.  If you believe you have given out your information to a caller like this, please contact us immediately at 319-648-2221